We are looking for excellence

Joining our team means take on our values

We give it to our partners and expect the same from them, whether they are our professionals, as if it comes from suppliers, customers or partners.

We know that ours is a sensitive sector to information and competitive intelligence which is of vital importance and therefore we always seek to keep long-term relationships based on mutual trust and confidentiality

Comply with the rules is not enough and therefore we expect and promote integrity and ethical behavior not only in professional and business field but also personal.
Identify and meet the needs and priorities of customers, whether they are internal or external must be a permanent attitude that we perform in kepar in a proactively manner always looking for the best option with a focus win to win .
We encourage participation, opinion and constructive criticism because we know that produces results and leads to excellence.


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We are always happy to receive applications from qualified or experienced people who come from Electronics Manufacturing industry.

* Send your CV and a cover letter explaining why are you interested in joining Kepar and what can you offer us to the following email:


Pay Attention : we will only attend resume received by this method so please avoid to contact us by any other way

* By sending your CV you authorize to Kepar Electronics SL to keep and manage your personal data in order to monitor your job applications both current or in the future.

The personal information we collect will be used exclusively by the Human Resources staff involved in the selection process and will not be transferred to any other organization or outside the EU. You can access, modify and / or delete your personal information by requesting at the same address indicated above.