Technology Consulting

The organisational structure of our R&D+i Division enables Kepar to become a highly valuable technology consulting for many customers.

Constant technology surveillance and competitive intelligence processes enable us:

  • To advise companies and engineering firms on the state of the art in regard to new technologies and processes.
  • To propose technical solutions.
  • To recommend components and materials.

Starting from an initial concept or idea, Kepar analyses and helps customers to define the specifications of the end product according to criteria of quality, competitiveness and production efficiency.

Commitment from start to finish

Kepar remains committed to quality beyond the engineering and product development stage. Thus, we maintain constant processes in:

  • Technological innovation through product engineering and design/redesign to adapt to variations in technology, and well as designing testing systems adapted to changes in standards and regulations.
  • Innovation in procedures through design to optimize production processes and testing.
  • Innovation in management through design/redesign to achieve cost optimisation and design/redesign due to component obsolescence.

Our experience as technology consultants is backed by the range of services we offer, such as conducting feasibility studies and process analysis.

Feasibility Studies

Kepar turns its customers’ ideas in the field of electronics into robust, reliable and competitive products.

Therefore, prior to starting the development phase of any project, Kepar performs a comprehensive study of its feasibility from both the technical and economic standpoint.

  • Such technical feasibility analysis allows us to define how to meet specifications for electronic products according to the different technologies available.
  • Economic feasibility analysis allows us to ascertain the market positioning of the final product according to its cost / performance ratio.

The conclusions of this study are analysed jointly with our customers to facilitate decision-making in the early stages of their product concept.

Process Analysis

The proper integration of electronics in the end product calls for good planning and process definition, taking into account aspects such as:

  • The characteristics and requirements associated with after-sales service.
  • The program of updates that will apply during the life cycle of the product, in which the developed electronic component is incorporated.
  • The possibilities of up-scaling performance as and when new features become available.

Kepar’s extensive experience in manufacturing and in integrating and handling electronic products is applied to the analysis of the required processes, not only to develop and manufacture the electronics but also for their handling and integration into the end product.


True to its spirit of technological leadership and to its desire to keep on the cutting edge of production processing, Kepar and its R&D+i division participates in three development and innovation projects, all belonging to the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

FAMOBS project

The FAMOBS – Frequency Agile Microwave Bonding System – project aims to develop new component connection and encapsulation technology that leads to increased productivity and efficiency in the manufacture of electronic boards of a higher quality standard.

Kepar brings to the consortium its extensive and solid experience in manufacturing systems and processes.

All information about this project is available at

ALERT project

The ALERT – Asbestos Location Equipment in Real Time – Project involves developing and producing a portable, real-time asbestos detector to enable continuous monitoring of certain potentially hazardous work environments.

Kepar provides the consortium with technical advice so that the end product can fulfil the required low-cost requisites with precise, robust and reliable electronics

All information about this project is available at

AMETHYST project

The Amethyst – Ambulatory Magneto-enhancement of transdermal high yield silver therapy – project is the development and manufacture of a magnetic pulse generator, which, when coupled to a bandage containing silver ions, improves the healing process and disinfection of skin sores.

Kepar provides the consortium with technical advice so that the end product can fulfil the required low-cost requisites with precise, robust and reliable electronics that comply with the most stringent health standards.

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