Household-Home Appliances

Home appliances
At Kepar, we specialise in developing and manufacturing control systems and power supplies for the widest range of top brand home appliances on the market.
Safety, ease of operation, low cost and long life are the hallmark of our developments and products in the field of white goods.

Home automation
Intelligence has come to your home appliances. A wide variety of household equipment is connected to sensors and actuators, forming a network to co-ordinate the way they all work.
Energy efficiency and implementation of communications are two leading areas in our developments and assemblies.

Audio – Lighting

Professional Audio

We are experts in creating perfect combinations of analogue and digital systems in professional, high-quality sound reproduction products.
Having formed part of the world of professional audio since our earliest beginnings, Kepar has great experience in this sector and collaborates with prestigious brands.


The quest for energy efficiency has led to the development of new lighting technologies.

From street lighting to the control of more complex lighting systems, Kepar contributes its profound knowledge of the state of the art by incorporating new components at minimal cost.

Renewable Energies

Kepar has maintained a leading position in the manufacturing of equipment that produces energy from renewable sources, by developing specific products for wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal generation.

Military and Defense

Essential sectors for technology development, in which Kepar works with the aerospace and defence industries to provide reliability and guaranteed performance.

Automotion and Road Safety


The rigorous quality procedures and standards of our processes make Kepar an ideal partner for this sector.
The concept of total quality applied to our procedures is a guarantee of reliability and control.

Road safety

Kepar collaborates with companies dedicated to increasing safety in our cities and on the open road by manufacturing products for traffic control and road safety.

Smart Metering

Smart Metering

A fundamental part of Smart networks, smart metering is an added value for utility companies and a guarantee for end users.
Kepar is actively involved in developing a new generation of meters.


Technological advances in this field make healthcare professionals’ work easier and enable the early detection of illness.

Kepar provides reliability and universality for these solutions, by achieving products that combine accuracy and low cost.


The world is global and interconnected. Data networks make posible the exchange of information between devices in order to facilitate our daily life. Kepar makes the Internet of things and ubiquitous computing come true by designing and manufacturing highly complex systems in this field.

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