Production oriented design

Over the years, Kepar has managed to merge the R&D+i and Engineering division’s and the Production department’s work procedures.

That way, our deep commitment to the concept of Design for Production results in the best and most efficient manufacturing and assembly processes, which in turn ensures the highest quality at keen costs, and the longest possible service life for your product: Kepar is not concerned with the present of its customers’ product but also with its future.

This philosophy translates into practical actions during the entire electronics manufacturing process:

  • Following assessment of the specific requirements of the industrial manufacturing stage, circuit boards are subjected to a thorough testing and validation process of both their electrical and functional capabilities, to ensure long service life and low maintenance costs in the end product.
  • Kepar also helps its customers to comply with specific national and international regulations for each type of product, both to certify the safety of the end item and to meet the standards of quality required by independent tests in approved laboratories. 

Industrial process analysis

Kepar is a leader in developing solutions for simple and cost-effective industrial processes. And that is not random but rather derives from an industrial processing methodology that starts with the fact that each end sector has specific and characteristic production processes that need to be understood in detail.


  • Maintaining our principle of Design for Production requires Kepar to perform a thorough analysis of the processes and conditions required by each customer in the industrial processing of their product.
  • This analysis begins to take place in the earliest stages of design of each solution and is maintained right through to delivery of the final electronics.

As a result, our customers have the peace of mind that their product will be innovative and competitive on the market, in terms of both time and costs.

In order to launch a good electronic product onto the market, Kepar considers it critical to first develop functional prototypes with a high degree of dedication and in a very short time span.

For that reason, one of Kepar’s assembly lines is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing prototypes. This allows us to offer an electronic prototype service second to none:

  • Thanks to the combination of our Express logistics management and urgent electronics manufacturing, we are able to send our customers their prototypes within 48 to 72 hours after receiving the materials.
  • Not only that, Kepar offers a prototype validation service, both in the lab and in the field, and collaborates with its customers in the development of the end hardware, software and mechanical specifications.
  • Similarly, Kepar prepares and implements all test and validation processes 100% tested

Testing and validation

Checked 100%

Kepar gives prime importance to perfect testing and validation of its products, because we are aware that their quality will directly affect the quality perceived by the user of the end product.

Our goal is to obtain the highest reliability but also to achieve that in the shortest period of time, which means we can offer our customers top quality at low cost.

To do so:

  • Apart from the specific tests required by each customer, Kepar has developed its own complete process of testing and validation of all the electronic boards it manufactures based on the most complete instrumentation and equipment.
  • Kepar develops and hones either its own or the customer’s requested testing processes from the electronics design stage and incorporates into the software engineering project the entire code necessary for testing and validation.
  • Test processes developed by Kepar are fully automated with computerised control of the whole process.
  • From electrical tests to function, hybrid and high-level testing, Kepar’s target is to provide its customers with maximum guarantees of reliability in all its products.


Kepar’s testing laboratories have all the instrumentation and equipment to verify compliance with the specific regulations of each sector and each customer.

Kepar performs pre-certification tests to confirm that the designs made for its customers can be sent to any accredited certification laboratory with absolute assurance of success. This service offered by Kepar results in significant savings of both costs and time-to-market for the customer’s products.

Kepar is firmly committed to its policy of energy saving and environmentally friendly production, for which it has established internal manufacturing and design protocols and standards in line with the latest recommendations of competent authorities for both its processing and finished products.

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