Supply Chain Logistics:Management in Electronics Manufacturing

Management of suppliers and components is key to obtaining short manufacturing times and, above all, low and competitive costs.
Thanks to its permanent contact with the Engineering area and Production department, the Kepar Supply Chain:

  • Selects the most suitable materials and components in every instance.
  • Locates them wherever they may be and arranges for their transport to our facility in the shortest possible time, while maintaining strict quality and cost criteria.
Once the components and materials are received, the Kepar logistics department has a traceability and stock management system that ensures compliance with production deadlines and commitments to customers, and programs their integration into the production chain in the best possible manner.

Procurement management

With over 15 years’ experience in procurement, Kepar can efficiently manage the acquisition of the materials required for your product

We collaborate on a day-to-day basis and maintain direct and constant negotiations with our partners and suppliers to obtain the best prices and the best lead-times to make your product more competitive.

Stocks and warehousing

Kepar has a warehouse with over 6,000 references in stock and suitable conditions for the proper conservation of electronic components and other materials, with a system to control and maintain temperature and humidity as required for each case.

By carefully distributing material reception and end product dispatch channels at the facility, Kepar ensures product storage and production areas are kept isolated and clean.


Kepar has a computerised traceability system that enables the raw materials and production processes involved in manufacturing a product to be obtained and identified.

The traceability system in place starts when materials are received in stock, where each raw material is allocated into individual batches. The batch is recorded using data such as date of delivery, vendor or delivery waybill number.

This traceability system, controlled by a barcode reading system, obliges the plant to work on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis, which ensures the operator assigns the material indicated by the system (the oldest) on a production order, thus ensuring components are not stored for long periods of time.

Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping are two sections of utmost importance in the electronics production process, since any errors in this last link of the chain may void the quality guarantee to which so much attention has been paid at all design and production stages.

  • Kepar works to reduce the risk of loss or damage to the end product through mishandling or improper shipment to zero
  • At Kepar, we analyse and design materials and specific procedures to protect the items, always adapted to and in line with common standards in goods freighting and shipping.

Our range of services starts from the moment the customer comes to us with an idea, and does not end until all electronic products developed for that customer are delivered in perfect conditions to its site.


Adapting each product to the individual customer’s identity is a key differentiating factor and a way of conquering the market.

But this is no small matter: today, customisation of even the most simple products calls for a specific design and selection of materials to lower costs, as it is usually an expensive and complex process.

Therefore, Kepar collaborates with its customer in developing those extras that make them unique. At Kepar, we design customised products that are managed and manufactured through our Guangzhou office in China, within a process controlled from our headquarters in Zaragoza, to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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