Electronic design

Kepar bases much of its success and prestige on providing comprehensive services in the field of electronics, ranging from the actual development of an idea to the manufacture of the end product, always to the highest standards of quality in all stages of the process.

To achieve that, Kepar has an R&D+i Division comprising a team of engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the sector, who divide their work between:

  • Developing electronic hardware
  • Developing software for electronic systems
  • The mechanical development of electronic products

Kepar’s R&D+i Division maintains a careful balance between its integration within the Company’s global processes and its functional and structural independence, in order to handle developments with a high component of technological innovation in the most diverse sectors, those in which electronics, automation and intelligent control provide high added value.

To achieve that, Kepar’s R&D+i division seeks the optimal balance between Research, Development and Innovation to offer its customers maximum reliability and quality, thus shortening the development process and its associated costs.

Development of hardware

With over 25 years’ aggregate knowledge and experience, Kepar’s engineering team dedicated to developing hardware has the most advanced software tools and instruments suitable for each type of design.

In close collaboration with our customers and following systematic analysis of possible solutions, the tasks we perform include:

  • The entire schematic capture process
  • PCB layout design
  • Simulations
  • Prototype testing
  • Validation


Kepar added value

Kepar makes a high value contribution to the process, since, on the one hand, our close relationship with national and international suppliers gives us access to an extensive selection of components according to cost and availability, and on the other hand, the integration of design engineering in Kepar’s production process allows us to prepare designs for the production of the electronics and designs for its testing and validation from the early stages of development.

Software Development

Kepar has a highly qualified team in its engineering department dedicated to developing software, who combine technical competence with a full range of currently available tools required to guarantee the overall quality of the process:

  • Management systems, development environments and error control software and versions.
  • Comprehensive project monitoring tools
  • Generation of testing software for micro-controllers and micro-processors with a great variety of performance features.
  • For that purpose, we rely on the most prestigious manufacturers and brands on the market to ensure the highest quality of the process and final outcome.

Kepar’s software development covers the full range of levels from low-level programming firmware applications to complex operating systems (both licensed and open source).

In addition, Kepar develops software for electrical, functional, hybrid and high-level testing processes, as well as customised safe programming tools

Mechanical Design

We furnish all the necessary values to provide our customers with solid, reliable and market-focused electronic systems:

  • Total quality: we have the most complete computer-aided design tools to shape your product, and we have extensive experience and expertise in material science and technology.

  • Your goals are our goals. Therefore, aesthetic design and functionality go hand in hand to give your product a modern and attractive air and to enhance its market penetration.

  • We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to offer our customers the best options available.

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