We specialize in R&D+i and flexible electronic manufacturing


Our Services...

Our Services

Kepar offers general or specific services for each phase of the electronic manufacturing process


Our business sectors...

Our business sectors

We are present in ten major production sectors, thanks to our deep knowledge of electronic solutions.


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Leading company in the sector ...

Kepar is an enterprise dedicated to innovation and technology development through Electronic Manufacturing Services.

We offer our customers a fully comprehensive service

Concept & Development & Testing

We are present in major Business Sectors

The business sectors where we currently work are…

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Our main goal – our customers’ success. At Kepar, we put all the means at our disposal, both human and technical, to achieve the goals set by our customers.

After more than 15 years in the field of electronics, we have the expertise to turn any idea into reality.

R&D+i, Production and Quality, the 3 pillars that form the basis of our work. From the initial concept to manufacturing the end product, including design and testing.

Kepar is a company dedicated to innovation and technology development through Electronic Manufacturing Services.
Kepar bases its success and reputation on providing comprehensive solutions, from the development of an idea to manufacturing the end product to the highest standards of quality.
Founded with private capital in Zaragoza in 1995, Kepar was born with the aim of developing a business model based on development and technological innovation.
Our commitment to continuous improvement has enabled Kepar to evolve throughout its history to where we stand today, with a 4000 square metre facility equipped with the most advanced technical media, located at one of the leading industrial parks in the city of Zaragoza
At Kepar, we keep a strong commitment to quality control as part of our company policy, as well as stringent environmental management practices. To that end, our organisation’s Quality Assurance system is certified under ISO 9001.Energy saving and efficiency are our contribution to environmental conservation.
At Kepar, we have been fully compliant with RoHS regulations since their entry into force in 2006. To ensure compliance, we perform regular checks of our processing through parameter monitoring and external certification, and we ensure our suppliers also meet the regulations.
Furthermore, we have anti-static safety systems that prevent potential sources of problems.